Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hope during an extra rainy weekend.

I have finished a couple of books in the past few weeks, but haven't had more than 30 minutes of free time. So. Next weekend maybe you'll read about Lost Illusions and Special. Until then, I decided it was a priority to recognize my favorite day of the year: Daylight savings' spring forward (haters, a day of feeling tired is so worth it to have days that last longer than 6 pm).  For my philosophical musings on Daylight Savings and the mental miracle that it is, please see last year's post.  

Today I have a bit of a different take on this glorious day (though, that being said, spring forward was ushered in with a vengeance this year  in New York City by 4 day rainfall that left umbrella corpses strewn about the streets...glorious in it's symbolism, I should say.)

It is a good thing I believe in grace and new beginnings because it seems like I take almost every opportunity I'm given to celebrate them: a new school year, the calendar new year and the beginning of spring.  It seems as though in the winter I forget the rhythms that breathe goodness into my life and instead spend 3-4 months with my shoulders clenched and my face contorted against the cold. In a few weeks I am moving to a new apartment that is only a block away from Prospect Park and I've realized that I can pick up on rituals I've left behind for many winters and years.  Every other place I've ever lived in New York, I walked to a park nearly every night, carrying tea and my ipod, sometimes a book, sometimes a notebook: the bridle path and reservoir at Central Park, the boat basin and 91st Street Garden at Riverside, the promenade in Battery Park City.

All this to say: I will take my extra hour of daylight, weather that invites me into it and let the winter and all it stands for in my mind melt away. Happy Daylight Savings.