Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nerd Fest.

I'm teaching the Hero's Journey ( to the youth and I'm finding that I'm becoming way more of a dork than I feared was possible. I spent my evening watching analyzing the first Harry Potter movie. Then I watched a George Lucas interview with Bill Moyers called "The Mythology of Star Wars" and it was ridiculously interesting. I'm now motivated to watch A New Hope, which has been sitting on my desk and clogging my Netflix efficiency. Previously, I didn't want this kind of science fiction to relate to my love of story (which is the same thing I said before I feel in love with The Lord of the Rings).

Clearly it's too late for me to do any more serious thinking, but just get excited. And clearly, I have no hope for ever being cool. I'm seeing the Hero's Journey everywhere and I have a feeling that what my posts are going to be about in the coming weeks. Just to get you as excited as I am:

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Steph said...

It's funny that you're teaching the hero's journey in 8th grade because we just covered it while reading "The Hobbit" in English 12 at Ewood - ha! We ended the unit by watching The Sword in the can imagine how excited a class of seniors was to watch a really old cartoon...