Sunday, June 22, 2008

how to breathe deeply in brooklyn.

watch the summer storm from your window--
and gape at how diagonal the rain can be
especially since the sun is still out.
while you are remembering how hail forms
decide to not go into the city
and instead go to the park
when the rain is gone but the sinking sun remains.
walk and walk and walk
and listen
to your brooding music
and watch
the children walking on the stone wall
just the way you would've wanted to
if you were eight.
it's a good idea to stop at the litchfield villa
and linger for a little while with the flowers in front
maybe pretending you're in England--
if you're anything like me.
and maybe just stop
and stare into the woods,
leaning on the same stone wall you might want to walk on
and wait to see if it's firefly season yet.
remember a little bit
and imagine that the woods were deep.
smile as you're walking home and see
a little lightning bug
who decided to share the sidewalk with you.
yes. that's about all.

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