Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Summer Book.

The title captures everything. I really think that this is *the* summer book, literally. I won't say much about it besides recommending it to the following kinds of people:

1. You think summers are best spent on lakes.
2. You enjoy witty, wise grandmothers.
3. You find adventurous little girls endearing.
4. The summer time makes you sigh and you often think about what summer is meant to be.
5. You miss having whole summers that seem to encompass all that summer is meant to be.
6. Well written, poetic vignettes make your heart hurt.

Sigh. This was a lovely, lovely read.

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Liz said...

That books looks awesome! I need to read it before the summer comes to an end. I am currently trudging through Eat, Pray Love. It started off such a quick read, and know it's dragging a bit. Oh well! :-)