Saturday, October 4, 2008

an ode.

My reading life the past week has been a little sub-par. I'm reading a book that is supposed to be amazing, but I'm having a hard time getting drawn up into it. I have promised myself I will read it on all my subway rides this weekend, though, so that I can make some progress. So, it has been other words captivating me this week. Mostly songs.

Last night I found myself defending Ohio fiercely. Not that people were taking a strictly offensive position against my home state, but they were wondering what could possibly be good about it. And insulting Cincinnati (and the city of Dayton, but let's be honest). It should be stated that I haven't lived in Ohio for over 5 years. My parents have since moved. But. There is something ridiculously poetic about our cornfields, creeks and roadside vegetable stands, our Friday night football games and back roads. The interesting part is no matter what I said about the fine state, I could not convince anyone of its greatness. And this I have decided I actually like, even though many may laugh at me if I mention that I know of one of our country's most ignored gems. And of course, nostalgia colors life differently sometimes. But not the autumn.

So obviously, when I was wide awake at 4 am this morning, there was nothing I could do but listen to Over the Rhine while trying to fall back to sleep. Beyond my absolute love of their lyrics and music, they understand the beauty and home that is Ohio. So my point is that this post is an ode to Over the Rhine--whose music and gorgeously written seasonal email updates remind me of and make me long for home.

You really should download the following immediately. Limiting this to 5 was quite painful.

1. Anything At All/Ohio
2. Born/Drunkard's Prayer
3. Latter Days/Good Dog Bad Dog
4. Silent Night/Darkest Night of the Year (duet version...sorry it's not Christmas time. It's just too good not to mention)
5. Suitcase/Ohio


Anonymous said...

those that have never experienced the midwest, have no clue what they are missing. as you know many a night me and your mom sit on the deck, just enjoying the scenic beauty. Growing up in Ohio was the BEST, and you have your memories...and they are always there for you to enjoy. I pity those who have never been outside their gilded cages. too bad !!

Jill said...

Amen, sister! I too was once a big city snob. A Chicago snob to be precise. I lived there for 2 years and couldn't take it anymore. The traffic, trash, traffic.... and guess where I relocated? Ohio. We love Columbus - it has everything Chicago does but just on a smaller scale - minus the extra cost of living and traffic. Yay Ohio!

I also couldn't agree more with your picks on OTR. Their catalog is so extensive and amazing, I can see why your choices were painful to make. I'd add "Jesus in New Orleans." The lyrics are awesome.

Kris, Ohio misses you just as much as you miss it. :)