Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Things and Fire Escapes of Dreams.

I just got back from spending an amazing week in California with some of my Favorite People of Life. These Favorites share a love of cooking, reading, dancing and gardening that was inspiring after a winter of hibernating with a book in hand or computer on lap. I am now ready to emerge and dive into the parts of life that I love and consequently forget about during the frozen days of winter.

My three main goals are to attempt to garden on my fire escape and to have people over for dinner often, exploring different kinds of food and ingredients and to get my bicycle fixed so that I can ride it all the time, all over Brooklyn. This article is glorious. As I claim that this blog is a search for beauty in a broken world, I will try to update regularly on my progress on creating my own fire escape of dreams and other springtime pursuits.


katy said...

sounds like wonderful plans. Can I come?

Anonymous said...

It's Saturday night in sleepy Hauppauge. Can't wait to hear about Paris ! We'll speak with you soon.
Aunt Patty & Uncle Mike