Thursday, February 18, 2010

because everyone needs some pablo neruda, even if you think you don't. his poems are good for the winter soul.

Here, There, Everywhere by Pablo Neruda
(Senor Neruda, un dia voy poder leer tu poesia en espanol. 
                                      Mucho amor, Kristen) 

Now the earth is spinning round me,
dizzying me,
like metal at the sound of bells.

Now I have all I have loved
within my little universe,
the starred order of wavs,
the sudden disorder of stones.
Far off, a city in rags
calling me, poor siren,
so that my heart can never, no,
scorn its weight of obligation,
and I with sky and poems
in the light of all I love,
poised here, swithering,
raising the cup of my song.

Oh dawn, breaking out of
the shadow and the moon in the sea,
I always come back to your burning salt.
It is your solitude always which moves me
and, back once more, I don't know who I am.
I touch the hard sand, I look at the sky,
I walk without knowing where I'm going
until out of the night
indescribable flowers rise and fall;
in the salty air
of the coast the stars quiver.

Wandering love, I come back
with this heart both fresh and wearied,
belonging to water and sand,
to the dry spaces of the foreshore,
to the white war of the foam.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting! I love this poem :)