Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Reading: An Earlier-Than-Usual Start/A Relatively Un-planned Summer

Generally, I am a planner.  I remember dates.  I use a calendar (albeit, I did switch to a digital one, mostly to avoid unnecessary clutter).  For summer reading, I always have a plan.  Granted, summer reading isn't that unlike my usual reading life, as I always have a book on hand.  The only added bonus is more time, thanks to being employed by the NYC Department of Education.  Anyway.  My book club (read: me and my one friend) got ambitious and we are tackling Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace this summer.  This is an undertaking that I want to take seriously, therefore I am not making a list longer than the following:

Infinite Jest/DFW
Bossypants/Tina Fey

Of course I have other hopes for my summer.  Apparently Hamlet is a frequent allusion in Infinite Jest, so I may spend some time with Shakespeare.  Or wikipedia.  I'm also interested in A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.  I am craving some rereads: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (yes I just read it in the fall. And? The last movie is in July and I intend to make the most of the end of this era), The Summer Book and Anne of Green Gables.  Other than that, I will see where the wind takes me.  I'm sure there are many of you who are laughing at my planned un-plan.  Sigh.  It's a start. And the best part is that I'm starting my summer reading plan a month before my official summer starts, so it's like a bonus month!

I am curious: what are your most recent reading loves? I have some time and there is nothing better than a book well-recommended by a friend.

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Amie Robillard said...

So I wanted to comment on your blog about your bulletin board and your project with your students. I just loved reading it and it just made me love many things about you. I usually get my book ideas from you and I need to start making some requests from the library. I am currently reading Olive Kitteridge. Miss you!