Friday, March 20, 2009

a facetious poem about real feelings. or, my way of dealing with waking up to snow on the first day of spring. or, seriously? or, curses!

March, oh March,
season of seasons
why art thou so elusive?

thy bringeth me light
and the movement of clocks
thy bringeth me spring
the rebirth of my heart

i can not comprehend why this morning
when i woke
white flakes coming down
oh heaven, i choke

on the bear hug of winter
that has gone on too long
please don't play with my heart
to me it's no joke

the poor youth that i teach
are being affected
because my longing for sun and warmth
is being rejected.

but i can only hang my head
as i look out my window upon the gray

But the old ankle length down
hangs in my closet mocking my frown.

1 comment:

Annie Michael Murphy said...

I...can' I am so so sorry my friend.