Sunday, July 26, 2009

brooklyn incoming storm story.

on the fourth floor
i live
on a hill
my old bay windows
are good for watching
weather sweep and change.

across the street
my neighbors stand
on a roof
i wish i had a roof
to see the lighting over the bay
but i have my screenless window
wide wide open.
a bird might fly in.
but i love the air
and the early sunset light behind the clouds
and the the lightning that almost blends in
i'm wondering if the rain will follow?
the clouds are creeping, leaving
eveninglight behind.

i was hanging out the window
when the sky decided to speak
the clouds had moved so fast
that half the sky was ominous, half at rest.
drops assailed the sidewalk
and the smell of asphalt city summer steam
met me at my window.

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