Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Best Pairs on Television (Also titled "My brain isn't working so well this week")

My weekends lately have been spent watching a ridiculous amount of television, hence a post about it instead of a book. I blame the weather and also stress. But I have come to a new conclusion...I have a new favorite couple on tv that beats out past favorites, which include:

Ross and Rachel

Felicity and Ben (not. Noel.)

Seth and Summer

Carrie and Aidan (so they broke up, whatever)

the frustrating tale of Jack and Kate

Tobias and Lindsay...there's actually no picture of the two of them alone that I can find. ha.

But I have to say that my favorite new pair on television is Brennan and Booth from "Bones." They are completely opposite and yet completely compatible and they are not officially together. But I think that their relationship is made up of some of the most creative writing I've seen on TV. And this is how I've been wasting my time while it's too cold to be outside. I highly recommend...and if I can handle the gore of their cases, so can you.


Liz said...

Kristen, this post is awesome. :) Love remembering Felicity and Ben! and I always thought for sure Aidan and Carrie...I was never a big Mr. Big fan...great list

Carolyn said...

Ross and Rachel. I recently watched the Friends episode where Ross tells Phoebe he isn't really divorced from Rachel he's just letting Rachel believe they are divorced because he doesn't want to be the man with three divorces. I did that episode no justice in that short description so I hope you recall the episode. It's hilarious. Pinky swear.

Felicity and not Noel. heh.

Seth and Summer!! Wonderful picture. Do you recall the theme song being played right after that with the snapping? Ya know, when Ryan punched Dean Hess b/c of Muhrissa. Ugh.

Love this post.

katy said...

Definitely in love with Carrie and Aidan... and the fact that they broke up just makes it more like life... but wait, don't we watch tv to "escape" for a while?? :)

Where is Brenda and Dillon on your list?????? HELLO???

Adele said...

Love it. Felicity and Ben, ah.